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Under the Lead Company Structure, Ntake Bakery & CO. Ltd. and The Private Sector
Foundation Uganda (PSFU) are collaborating to carry implement the Young Africa Works
Uganda Work Opportunities in Wheat (WOW) initiative. Ntake Bakery & Co Ltd, the lead
company, as collaborates with the targeted youth to carry out project activities in accordance
with the lead company structure. The initiative offers job chances to young people (men and
women) in their individual capacities and/or organized groups, with the goal of utilizing their
dynamic human resources that would otherwise be denounced as jobless.

4,956 employment at different points in the wheat value chain will be generated by the initiative
to give young people a respectable, meaningful, and well-paying job. The initiative is aimed at
young people between the ages of 18 and 35 as well as other wheat value chain participants in
the six districts of Lira, Mbale, Mbarara, Jinja, Masaka, and Kampala. The project specifically
aims to reach 70% of women. Community actor mobilization, training in finance and business
management, renovation and branding, on-site monitoring and mentoring, legal assistance,
gender mainstreaming, and the establishment of model wheat farms are some of the primary
project activities.

This is a notice that Ntake Bakery & Co. Ltd. is inviting qualified bidders to reply to this TOR
with offers that include both a financial and technical proposal for the provision of continuing
third-party monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) consulting services.

The main objective of this consultancy is to provide technical services to the project
management and to support project MERL activities so as to deepen, scale and prove the
project’s impact. The consultants will closely work with the management to ensure all project
activities are on track and that meaningful results are achieved in a timely manner.

The Third-Party MERL consultants will be responsible for leading and advising on project
activities related to design, monitoring, evaluation, research and learning. Some of their key
roles and responsibilities may include:


  • Lead the project redesign phase and write up including development of a theory of

change, project M&E plan and workplan.

  • Develop, review and document terms of reference for other consultants and participate

in the selection and management of consultants following best practices and principles
to ensure good quality deliverables.

  • Undertake a rapid mapping exercise in 6 districts of Lira, Mbale, Mbarara, Jinja,

Masaka, and Kampala to identify the current location of Ntake shops and recommend
suitable locations for new locations. Additional districts may be agreed upon in
consultation with the project staff.

  • Synthesize qualitative and quantitative information to understand interventions,

beneficiary groups, and local contexts and tell a coherent story about what is happening
in the project and help the team identify gaps

  • Design and conduct project evaluations and learning activities to establish project

effectiveness, efficiency, impact, coherence, and sustainability.

  • Work with the Project manager to produce well documented project data analyses,

progress reports and support the presentation of findings, conclusions, and
recommendations to project stakeholders as needed.

  • Collect and review data on cross-cutting issues such as gender and social inclusion,

youth, etc.

The following deliverables shall be produced through completing assigned tasks:


  • A well written project document summarizing the project, its theory of change and M&E


  • A costed workplan for the remaining project period

  • A mapping report covering the agreed upon districts

  • Data collection tools, analysis plans, and evidence use plans for approved research,

learning and evaluation activities

  • Quarterly, annual and end of project report as needed including data analytics, synthesis,

trends, reports and presentation (slides) of results as appropriate

  • A project learning and evaluation agenda(s), including dissemination and knowledge

translation plan

  • Materials on preliminary / final findings and recommendations from research, learning

and evaluation studies to inform project decision making.

  • Presentation (slides) and dissemination of the results to the project staff and other key

stakeholders as needed.

Considering the ongoing nature of tasks and flexible level of engagement, the duration of the
consultancy is expected to start in March 2024 and last until December 2024. However, the
duration maybe extended depending on project and funder requirements.


The scope of work shall be performed in the Consultant’s offices where relevant with travel and
part-time work in Ntake bakery & Co. Ltd offices in Kampala as needed. An embedded model
for 1-2 team members might be also an option. The consultancy tasks shall be performed under
the supervision of the project manager in collaboration with main stakeholders and other
project team members.

The consultants should have the following minimum qualifications:


  • It is necessary to have a master's degree in one of the following disciplines: monitoring

and evaluation, project management, business administration, international
development, statistics, economics, or a related field, and you must have at least ten
years of MERL experience.

  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the design of quantitative and qualitative data

collection methodologies, including surveys instruments and interview questionnaire,

  • Minimum 10 years of experience designing and implementing monitoring and

evaluation systems for international development projects required.

  • Experience working in Uganda is essential Specifically in Bakery Industry

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills are required.

  • Fluency in English is required.

A proposal assessment committee will be assembled by Ntake Bakery & Co. Ltd. to assign a
score to each proposal using the following weighted criteria. The bidder to whom the contract
is awarded will thereafter be decided upon by the proposal evaluation committee as a whole.
The technical criteria are:

1. Technical Approach
a) Understanding of the requirements
b) Proposed Approach
c) Workplan


2. Demonstrated expertise, experience, capacity and Qualifications of Bidder
Personnel in design and implementation, and/or management and provision
of similar services (CVs to be attached as annex)
a) Strong monitoring, evaluation and learning background and skills
b) Expertise in data extraction, qualitative and quantitative analysis
c) Ability to function independently and multi-task while providing
quality and timely deliverables
d) Strong organizational, planning and writing skills


3. Proposed Team Structure
a) Proposed team structure
b) Availability of the team members


4. Financial proposal (For purposes of evaluation, all financial Proposals will
be converted into United states Dollars (USD).
a) Clarity of financial proposal
b) Comprehensiveness and practicality of the proposal


Maximum score 100%

Ntake bakery & Co. Ltd reserves the right to award the proposal that represents the best value-
for-money for the goods or services, which may not necessarily be the lowest priced proposal.

In deciding which Bidders to award, Ntake bakery & Co. Ltd may also consider any of the
following additional information:

  • The ease of negotiations with a Bidder based on that Bidder’s feedback on the Proposed


  • Any matter that materially impacts on the trust and confidence in the Bidder.



Ntake Bakery & Co. Ltd hopes to implement a comprehensive consulting agreement after this
TOR, which will be granted based on the entire sum of the points for the Technical and Financial
proposal. The main parameters of the engagement, such as its duration, governing terms and
conditions, and the cost for key staff members or consultants, will be outlined in this agreement.
However, the specific requirements, such as its scope and level of effort, will only be decided
upon later after they have been verified and their clear terms of reference have been
documented. The consultant will provide a written proposal to Ntake Bakery & Co. Ltd. for
each commissioned action. The proposal will be examined, discussed, and approved by both
parties prior to implementation.


Bidders must submit a copy of their technical and financial proposal by 23rd March 2024 by
email to
The technical Proposal must consist of the following:
1. Motivation letter
2. Electronic copy of the full proposal, which should include but not limited to the
following sections:
     I. Understanding of requirements
     II. Proposed approach (What is your vision for the best approach to manage such
an assignment?)
     III. Critical success factors (Based on your experience what would be the critical
success factors for such a consultancy?)
     IV. Details on in-house experts that will be implementing the project focusing on
the following areas: strong experience in delivering similar projects, strong
monitoring, evaluation and learning background and skills, etc.)
The financial proposal (indicate all costs in USD) must include the following:
     I. Proposed key personnel, estimated level of effort and their daily rates for the routine
listed MERL activities
II. Proposed costing for the mapping exercise (Please present this separately)

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