• Allen Nsereko

Becoming an agent of Ntake.

You have seen the shops around, properly branded and selling exclusively Ntake products often with a smiling face behind the counter.

These shops are run by agents: People who work hand in hand with us to sell our products while making a profit.

If you have been wondering how you can become an agent, here is how.

Step 1. (Meeting)

A meeting is held between the prospect agent and our team. This is usually at our offices (Headquarters) in Nalukolongo. But with the current movement restrictions, an email works just fine.

Step 2.(Inspection)

Our team will organise an inspection of the proposed site of the shop by the prospect agent to see if it meets the criteria.

Step 3.(Set goals & Targets)

If the shop location meets the criteria, the prospect agent will go ahead and set up his/ her shop.

It is at this point that we set goals and targets for the shop as we supply the prospect with our products at factory price (discount).

Step 4.(Branding)

If the prospect agent meets the set sales goals and targets, Ntake brands the shop and supplies the agent with materials like display cabins, banners and the literature required to succeed.

Step 5.(Welcome to Ntake)

We supply the agent with fresh goodies continuously at the best price possible.

Welcome aboard.

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